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Did you know that researchers are looking at a link between ADHD and sunlight?  A study published in Biological Psychiatry sheds new light on the increasing rates (prevalence) of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, known as ADHD. Children with ADHD have problems with inattention, distractibility, disorganization, impulsiveness, and overactivity. This study found that "sunny" regions with high solar intensity, such as the US states of California, Arizona, and Colorado, and countries like Spain and Mexico have lower prevalence of ADHD. An apparent protective effect of sunlight accounted for 34-57% of the variance in ADHD prevalence. The authors speculate that this may be related to sunlight's effects on preventing circadian rhythm ("biological clock") disturbances. These results suggest ways to prevent or treat ADHD for a substantial sub-group of patients.

Did you know that babies who are born after the 42-week mark (the norm is 40) are twice as likely to have problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), researchers in the Netherlands found.  At 41 weeks of pregnancy and beyond, it gets to be more and more dangerous to keep the baby inside the mom’s body because the placenta may no longer give the baby enough nourishment, particularly if the mother is over 35.  The experts, from the International Journal of Epidemiology, seem to call for more options for women to deliver, such as medical induction methods or a caesarean if their pregnancy becomes prolonged.

Did You Know that one in four boys is being diagnosed as having special education needs when the real cause is defective teaching?  They are being singled out for additional support in primary and secondary schools, often due to behavioural and emotional problems, according to figures from the Department for Education.  A quarter of boys are being diagnosed with special educational needs at school, official research reveals.
Did You Know that a study, published in the Oct. 1 issue of the journal SLEEP,  reveals that children who went to bed late and got up late were 1.5 times more likely to become obese than those who went to bed early and got up early?  Additionally, the "late-nighters" were twice as likely to be physically inactive, even though the children in the study all got the same amount of sleep. The study involved 2,200 Australian participants, ages 9 to 16, and compared their weights and uses of free time over four days.

Did You Know that Cornell University research reveals that something as easy as putting fruit in a colorful bowl can increase fruit sales in lunchrooms by 104%?  This is only one of the changes proposed through the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs (BEN). Researchers analyzed multiple school lunchroom layouts that hindered student's selection of nutritious foods, and revamped them with changes that resulted in an increase in healthy food choices.

Did you know that an average of about 240 children under 5 years old drown in swimming pools nationwide each year?  The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commision) also has reports of about 110 children under 5 who have drowned in other products in and around the home each year. These products include bathtubs, hot tubs, spas, buckets and other containers.  Visit for more information.

Did You Know that Food 4 Africa is an organization the feeds hungry children in Africa? Their mission is to work with other organizations to supply children with at least one vitamin and mineral enriched meal every dayVisit to learn more and to donate!

Did you know that carbon monoxide, known by the chemical formula “CO,” is a poisonous gas that kills approximately 500 people in the United States alone every year?  Of that number, about 200 people were killed by carbon monoxide emitted from a consumer product, like a stove or water heater. You can’t hear, taste, see or smell it. It’s nicknamed the “silent killer’ because it sneaks up on its victims and can take lives without warning.  Install carbon monoxide detectors today!

Did you know that every year in the United States, about 3,000 people lose their lives in residential fires?  In a fire, smoke and deadly gases tend to spread farther and faster than heat. That's one reason why most fire victims die from inhalation of smoke and toxic gases, not as a result of burns. A majority of fatal fires happen when families are asleep because occupants are unaware of the fire until there is not adequate time to escape. A smoke alarm stands guard around the clock and, when it first senses smoke, it sounds a shrill alarm. This often allows a family the precious but limited time it takes to escape. About two-thirds of home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.

Did you know that Stork Craft Manufacturing is recalling 2.2 million Stork
Craft drop-side cribs because four infants trapped in the cribs have died.
Other injuries include 20 falls from cribs. The recall, which includes
147,000 cribs with the Fisher-Price logo, is the largest in U.S.

Did You Know that some scholarship search services and financial aid advice services often charge high rates to provide information that can be found elsewhere for free?  Many scholarship websites and mailings are scams.  Avoid scams by visiting: and
Did You Know that new research suggests that a set of gene variants that occur up to 20 percent more often in autistic children may be responsible for about 12 to 18 percent of cases of autism? According to a study published today, April 28, 2009, in the journal Nature, this altered piece of DNA lies near a gene that's responsible for the transmission of signals between the brain's nerve cells. Visit this link to read the entire article on
Did You Know that you can receive amber alerts in your area on your cell phone?
You can help save a child and can chose up to 5 zip codes near you!

Did You Know that the lead in artificial turf at stadiums, schools, and parks may pose a health hazard to students and athletes? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched an investigation after two fields in New Jersey were closed because of high levels of lead in the turf.  The agency is looking into the possible health hazards of lead in artificial turf installed at schools, parks, and stadiums across the country.  The two fields in New Jersey were closed after state health officials detected what they said were unexpectedly high levels of lead in the synthetic turf and raised fears that athletes could swallow or inhale fibers or dust from the playing surface.  Lead poisoning causes severe damage to a child's brain and neurological system.  Contact your school district to test these items at your children's schools.  News from the Associated Press, April 18, 2008.

Did You Know that nationally, only about 70 percent of U.S. students graduate on time with a regular diploma? For Hispanic and black students, the proportion drops to about half. The fact that kids are entering high schools with such poor literacy skills raises questions about how much catch-up work high schools can be expected to do and whether more pressure should be placed on middle schools and even elementary schools, say some high-school principals.  Visit or

Did you know that lead poisoning in children can cause significant neurological damage and ADHD?  It can also cause significant learning deficits and even cause death at high levels.  Did you also know that the USA is the world's third largest producer of lead?  The USA generates 445,000 tons per year?

Did you know
that meningococcal disease, including meningitis, is a rare but potentially fatal illness that can strike at any time?  About 3000 people in the United States get this disease each year, and 1 in 10 of them die from it.  Research has shown that teens and young adults are at increased risk. Meningococcal disease, while rare, can potentially kill an otherwise healthy teen in 48 hours or less. Talk to your child’s doctor or health-care professional about how to protect your child and students. Visit for more info.

Did you know
that undetected vision disorders can cause serious problems in a child's mental and social development?  According to the Vision Council of America, it is estimated that over 50% of children with a learning disability have an undetected vision problem. Many children seen as unmotivated or not trying hard enough had problems with eye teaming, eye movement, and visual perception problems.  These children can pass eye examinations and have 20/20 vision.  70% of juvenile delinquents tested in a California Youth Center had vision problems interfering with their ability to learn.  Visit and for more info.
Did you know a new study found a link between children who have ADHD (attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder) and prenatal smoking and postnatal lead poisoning? Read more...

Did you know
that the children who are successful in kindergarten and reading fluently by first grade were read to between 5000 and 6000 times from infancy to age five?

Did you know that by age three years old, children should be talking in full 3-4 word sentences, asking a lot of questions like 'why,' following simple two-step directions, identifying a few colors, and learning new words everyday? 

Did You Know that every year 23 children die in school bus related accidents?  Approximately 6 children die during transportation to or from school.  The others, 17, die as pedestrians.  The NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), states in a May, 2006 report, that most children do not have seat belts to use on large buses because most deaths occur as pedestrians and passenger deaths occur mostly in frontal crashes that would not have been prevented by a seat belt.  Check out their website for tips about school bus safety and how to protect your children!

Did you know
that across the USA, African-American and Hispanic students, on average, leave high school reading
on a 7th grade level in comparison to their white peers who read at the 12th grade level or above? 
Did you know that an estimated 4.5 million girls between the ages of 12- 17 consumed alcohol this past year?

Did you know
  that there is now a longlasting patch available for children who have ADHD?  The patch is waterproof
and provides medicine throughout the day.  The effective medicine is the same as the medicine found in ritalin.

Did you know
that a preliminary study in Israel found
that men who fathered children after age 40, were more
likely to have a child with Autism?  The mother's age
didn't appear to be a significant factor!

Parents?  Does your child eat the school lunch you pay for every week?  You would be surprised how many children throw the whole tray away.  If your child does not eat lunch on a regular basis, he/she is hungry and distracted by the afternoon and is therefore not learning.  Try to send in healthy snacks that you know your child likes, so if the school lunch is icky that day, he/she has something to keep him/her until he/she gets home.

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